Staff & Classroom Documents

Classroom Materials


Aurogra online cheap Theme Calendar (2020-2021)


Bhāyāvadar Level II AEPS Data Recording Form EEP Activities: Planning Sheet

EEP Activities: Free Play Checklist

EEP Activities: Small Group Checklist

EEP Activities: Goals by Activity


Red Star Assessment: Communication (2021-2022)

Red Star Assessment: Play (2021-2022)

Red Star Assessment: Math (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Early Literature (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Sorting/Categories (2020-2021)


What Makes a Great Teacher (Lead Teacher Assessment)


Reactive Sequence Poster


Letter Identification Probe Data Sheet

Numeral Identification Probe Data Sheet

Basic Data Sheet

Reinforcer List


Request a Reimbursement Check


How to download and use PEX app to track classroom spending

Check Funds Tracker (for the classroom check or card)

Classroom Supply Receipt Tracker


Child Illness Policy – With Covid Addendum (4.11.22)

RSV Information

Croup Information

Accident Report Form

Behavior Incident Report


EEP Change of Placement Checklist


IFSP Meeting Notice Cover Letter & Questionnaire

IFSP Copy Request Form

Consent for Mutual Exchange of Information Form


Procedural Safeguards Notice 2020-2021 (English)

Procedural Safeguards Notice 2020-2021 (Spanish)


Parental Approval for Emergency Medical Treatment English/Spanish – (Fall 2021)


EEP Enrollment Packet English/Spanish – (Fall 2021)


EEP and EC CARES monthly team meeting agenda sheet (10.10.17)

Agenda Notes for Friday Meeting (9.2019)

Friday Team Meeting Notes (9.2019)

For Families: Weekly EEP Lesson Plans (10.10.17)


Classroom Labels