Staff & Classroom Documents

Classroom Materials


Theme Calendar (2020-2021)


Level II AEPS Data Recording Form


EEP Activities: Planning Sheet

EEP Activities: Free Play Checklist

EEP Activities: Small Group Checklist

EEP Activities: Goals by Activity


Red Star Assessment: Communication (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Play (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Math (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Early Literature (2020-2021)

Red Star Assessment: Sorting/Categories (2020-2021)


What Makes a Great Teacher (Lead Teacher Assessment)


Reactive Sequence Poster


Letter Identification Probe Data Sheet

Numeral Identification Probe Data Sheet

Basic Data Sheet

Reinforcer List


Request a Reimbursement Check


How to download and use PEX app to track classroom spending

Check Funds Tracker (for the classroom check or card)

Classroom Supply Receipt Tracker


Child Illness Policy – With Covid Addendum

Accident Report Form

Behavior Incident Report


EEP Change of Placement Checklist


IFSP Meeting Notice Cover Letter & Questionnaire

IFSP Copy Request Form

Consent for Mutual Exchange of Information Form


Procedural Safeguards Notice 2020-2021 (English)

Procedural Safeguards Notice 2020-2021 (Spanish)


Sunscreen Permission Form English/Spanish (Summer 2021)

Parental Approval for Emergency Medical Treatment – COVID 19 (Fall 2020)


EEP Enrollment Packet for New Student – COVID 19 Letter (Fall 2020)

EEP Enrollment Packet for New Student (Spanish) (Fall 2019)


EEP and EC CARES monthly team meeting agenda sheet (10.10.17)

Agenda Notes for Friday Meeting (9.2019)

Friday Team Meeting Notes (9.2019)

For Families: Weekly EEP Lesson Plans (10.10.17)


Classroom Labels