Twiggle Wide

Doing Turtle

Caught in traffic?  Break your favorite coffee cup?  Babysitter can’t come? Our days are often filled with PROBLEMS and BIG FEELINGS.  How we handle these is key. That’s why we think teaching self-control, especially when you have a big feeling, is so important!

During our Wild Animals theme, we begin to teach that self-control by introducing a strategy called “Doing Turtle.”  “Doing Turtle” gives you a moment to notice your big feeling, calm a bit and take a critical first step in learning to “regulate” your behavior.  Perfect for children and us adults, too!  Watch for samples next week! In the meantime, here are the “Doing Turtle” steps:

  • Say, “Bummer, Snap!”
  • Breathe!
  • Say what the problem is
  • Tell how you’re feeling