For Families

Partnering with You

At EEP, we believe that you, our EEP parents, are truly the heart of our program. When we partner with each of you in the intervention of your child, it makes such a difference!   We want to know what your child is doing at home and what your hopes and needs are for him/her.  We also value your feedback about our program.  It was because of you that we began our EEP Family Connect!  We share it weekly or bi-weekly because it provides a window into what’s happening in your child’s classroom.  And when you know specifics such as the vocabulary and concepts your child is learning, the books we’re reading and the songs we’re singing together, you can better connect home and school.  And what a sweet connection that is!

Sharing our Class with You

Family involvement in our classrooms is  very important to us! We want to make it simple for families to communicate with their teachers and for teachers to easily share what’s happening in their classes with families.  In order to better do this, we are excited to be using Class Dojo in our classroom this year!

Class Dojo is a smartphone app that we use to connect with families! We can instantly share messages, updates, photos, and videos from class with you.  It’s the easiest way for you to see how your child is doing at school every day and to get in touch with us, all without needing to exchange phone  numbers or personal information!  No smartphone?  No problem! Class Dojo is also accessible from your home computer with all of the same features.

You can read more about Class Dojo here or you can download the app for Android devices here or for iOS devices here.

EEP Family Connect

The EEP Family Connect, our thematic newsletter, offers a sneak-peek into the kinds of things your child is doing each day while at school.  With each new theme, you get an assortment of creative ideas showing you how to connect what your little one is learning at school with the time you spend together at home! Check it out!

Winter Break – No School

Reminder: There is No School December 19 – January 4. Classes will be back on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

My Classroom! My Friends! – EEP Family Connect

Peek here for our EEP Family Connect for the theme: My Classroom! My Friends! En Español: Mi clase! Mis amigos!

…EC Cares offered us a spot at EEP, where they said [our son] could get the help he needed and they knew he’d have success. They were right. Every day he goes to school is a success. Every day he has “an awesome day” and is so excited to get on the bus to go to school and is so happy when he comes homes. He has made friends and everyone loves him. [Our son] has finally found a place that can and people who can help him reach his full potential. – Kennedy Parent

My daughter is in her second year with EEP.  She is excited for school days.  She has made friendships that she talks about often.  She has learned a great deal of empathy … and does not see differences amongst her friends.  She was already social going into school but had a hard time during unstructured activities.  Her imagination has grown and she loves free play time now.

— Creswell Parent