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We’re Back in Action!

Lots of activity to start the year!  We are trying to update our website for the 2017-2018 school year!  Promise!!!

We have made some moves this year with a couple of our classrooms and have some new staff.  You can see our full list of classroom locations here, including a list of our staff at each of the sites.

Last year we added a new branch to the Early Education Program with three Preschool Promise sites at Creslane Elementary in the Creswell School District, Danebo Elementary in the Bethel School District and at Madison Middle School in the 4J School District.  Together they serve over 45 families each year by providing a full day preschool program.  A new section of the website should be added for those sites soon.  You can read more about the Preschool Promise Program here or at the United Way’s website.